Hannah Theiring


I’m a southwest Indiana-based designer thriving on simplicity. A short stint in Chicago taught me to see design not just as my passion, but with a purpose as well. And after having the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses - from a Fortune 500 company to small businesses and nonprofits – I’m proudly operating my little design studio from the place that raised me well. Contributing beauty to the world is my jam, but the cherry on top is seeing clients succeed in part to that. Operating the studio myself allows me to keep it nimble; however, I work in collaboration with (and operate from) the Courthouse Creative Cooperative in the stunning old historic Vanderburgh County Courthouse in downtown Evansville, Indiana.

My Muses

Scandinavian design, traveling (currently tackling visiting all 50 states before I’m 50), photography, outdoor adventuring, cooking, luscious candles, London Fogs, La Croix and freshly-picked bouquets.


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